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Spring means RAIN... Lets embrace it!

I dont know about the rest of the world but here in Chicago, Spring means rain, rain, and more rain!!

A great way to lighten up a dreary rainy day is to throw on some rain boots, grab an umbrella, and head out for some good ol' fashioned puddle jumping!!

Your little peanuts will love it! 

 Kidorable makes great rain dress up sets and they are super affordable. 

If price is no object or you are looking to splurge, Hunter makes adorable rain boots!
Superb quality and super cute!
They make them in both kid and adult sizes so these would be prefect if you wanted to stroll around in a matching set. And ( cough cough) they even make them for men so watch out daddy... 

I dont know about you, but this sure does help me feel better about a rainy forecast. 


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