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Modern Dream Nursery : Ubabub

How awesome is this crib?? I love the idea of a crib with no bars.
And this concept is visually stunning! 

Ok, its price tag is a little less awesome... but it does convert to a toddler bed so you will get a lot of use out of it.
 Also, it is gender neutral so you can use it for more than one child. My son is 2 and is still in a crib, then he will sleep in a toddler bed for a year or more once he transitions, SO I am thinking getting 3 years of use out of this is money well spent... ?
 Do you hear me trying to convince myself?? 
 Here is a darker wood option with a similar acrylic side style. 
Oh I am so in love! 

These cribs are also Eco Friendly and are made with non toxic wood finishes.
The clear sides of the cribs are made of acrylic with small cutouts to allow for extra airflow.
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