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Get ready to swoon: The Measure Shop

I know all of you out there have asked the question on many occasions... 
"I see great photographs on blogs, of kids that are in the most fabulous outfits... where can I find those?"

Well, I have your answer!!

I came across The Measure shop on Etsy and I am SO in love!!
I just had to spread the joy as soon as I possibly could. I honestly have not seen such beautiful dresses anywhere before in my life. 
Both the design and detail are breath taking! I read in the shops Bio section, that she can even take a personal article of clothing from a Grandfather, Father, or Brother and turn it into a one of a kind dress to showcase that heirloom. Isn't that just a fabulous idea!  

Check her out! And be sure to order one of these masterpieces for your childs next photo session, special occasion, or any occasion for that matter!

I would also like to give a special mention to the amazingly talented photographer that took the above images. I have been a fan of hers for a long time, and then come to find out she took all of these fabulous pictures. Even more of a reason why I love this shop. 
Please check her out at Bellini Portraits for a little photo joy and inspiration!  

 Have a happy Monday!


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