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Feather the nest Baby shower inspiration

When I was pregnant with my son, my husband, friends, and family were constantly teasing me about my 'nesting' symptoms.  If I was cleaning out drawers or vacuuming the carpet in my car, I could almost always hear whispers of ' Oh, how cute... she is nesting."
Let me tell you its a serious thing us women go through when we are pregnant! There is simply no stopping a nesting woman from getting the job done :)

What better way to embrace the concept of nesting while pregnant, than to have a nesting themed shower.

Here are some super cute ideas to give you a good visual on just how spectacular this concept could be.

All of the items featured on this design board are from my 'go to' source ETSY!! I swear you can one stop shop and plan an entire party from that site. Well, that is just what I did. Please be sure to check out the links at the bottom of this post to find all of the Etsy shops featured here! 


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