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Baking Inspiration: I am Baker

Ok so a little warning. Do not go to the I am Baker  blog unless you want to have an overwhelming desire to bake something. I dont mean bake something in a week or so, I mean bake something right now... this minute!
The first time I went to this blog was at 8am on a Monday morning, and I kid you not, I was at the store getting supplies to bake a cake an hour later. Its just her love for baking and her explanations that make you think ' Hey, I can do that!'

This is the I am Baker  Rose cake that I just had to make that day at 8am. I know that it does look a tad intimidating, but its a BEAUTIFUL cake and it really wasnt as hard as it looks...I promise!

I will admit that I did not do the internal layers because she didnt explain how to do it, but it looked just as scrumptious with a solid chocolate inside.
Also, if you mess up those adorable roses, you can wipe them right off and start over... which I admit I did once or twice (ok, maybe more but who's counting). 
All that matters is that the cake turned out pretty darn good, and it tasted even better.
Head on over to the Rose Cake Tutorial to learn how the Roses are done. 

If you are not a very good baker, or have no desire to bakeat all, have no fear... you can order cookies, cakes, etc through I am Baker. She is booking up fast though for the year, so hurry up and place an order before it is too late. 
I love her blog. Just love it! 
Here is a photo of my creation.... not as good as hers but hey, it was a good try.
 If I can do it so can you!

Now get out there and start baking!! 


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