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Party ideas for that little man in your life!

Hip hip Hooray!!! 
I FINALLY found an Etsy shop that has tons of super cute party supplies for boys!
I adore having a son, but when it comes to party planning, I always find myself
drooling over the girls parties...
Not so good for a mother with no girl to plan a party for!! 
Here is an easy solution to that problem.
The Spaceships and Laser beams shop on Etsy is simply too cute for words.
They have a wide variety of party themes for boys(or girls).
Here are a few of my favorites.

Even more great news is that every item seen in this post is from the Spaceships and Laser beams shop
Cupcake liners, favor tags, banners, invites, and more... they have it all!

I think this Vintage car theme is my favorite. Such a creative idea. Too cute!!

Fun Easter Crafts!

Baa Baa Black and White Sheep Treats by: Southern Living

Check out these adorable edible sheep from Super cute and tons of fun to make with the little ones!

1. To shape the body, use melted white candy coating (found in the baking aisle) to secure miniature marshmallows to one Pepperidge Farm Milano Black & White cookie.

2. Attach Peanut M & M’s for hooves.

3. Use a second Milano cookie for the head, and attach miniature marshmallows and miniature chocolate morsels for the eyes.

4. Use flattened marshmallows, pinched together at one end, to make ears.

Eco Eggs 

Dying Easter eggs with young children under 5, can be a difficult task. The dye gets on their hands and it stains their little fingers and you wonder... what is this dye even made of?
Well, I don't have an answer for that but, I do know that the dye in the ECO-EGG kit is made from all natural plant, fruit, and vegetable extracts.

  I cannot guarantee that it wont stain their hands, but at least you can feel better knowing the dye isn't made from harsh chemicals.
You can order this kit online from eco kids, or purchase it in stores such as Williams Sonoma or even your local Whole foods.

Also at  Williams Sonoma they have this super cute Easter egg decorating kit. It has tons of cute stickers and designs to stick on your eggs once they are colored. 
Simply put, I love Easter and I really LOVE egg decorating! 

Modern Dream Nursery : Ubabub

How awesome is this crib?? I love the idea of a crib with no bars.
And this concept is visually stunning! 

Ok, its price tag is a little less awesome... but it does convert to a toddler bed so you will get a lot of use out of it.
 Also, it is gender neutral so you can use it for more than one child. My son is 2 and is still in a crib, then he will sleep in a toddler bed for a year or more once he transitions, SO I am thinking getting 3 years of use out of this is money well spent... ?
 Do you hear me trying to convince myself?? 
 Here is a darker wood option with a similar acrylic side style. 
Oh I am so in love! 

These cribs are also Eco Friendly and are made with non toxic wood finishes.
The clear sides of the cribs are made of acrylic with small cutouts to allow for extra airflow.
For more information click here :

Etsy Shop Feature: Little Sapling Toys

Nick and Kimber Christensen are the owners and operators of the wonderful etsy toy shop 
Little Sapling Toys
Together they design, create, and package all of their toys from their home.

Each and every toy is handcrafted and made of FSC certified organic wood. 
There is no stain, dye, or paint used on any of their products, it is all 100 % natural wood! 

They use all recycled packaging and for every toy they sell, they donate enough money to plant a tree through the organization

Are you in love with them yet... Because I am!! 

They have a wide variety of wooden teethers, blocks, and toys that are great for both child development and fine tuning motor skills. 

I just love, that not only do they create BEAUTIFUL products, but they are also so 
Eco conscious. 
Its really a wonderful little shop... so click on this and check it out! 

Spring means RAIN... Lets embrace it!

I dont know about the rest of the world but here in Chicago, Spring means rain, rain, and more rain!!

A great way to lighten up a dreary rainy day is to throw on some rain boots, grab an umbrella, and head out for some good ol' fashioned puddle jumping!!

Your little peanuts will love it! 

 Kidorable makes great rain dress up sets and they are super affordable. 

If price is no object or you are looking to splurge, Hunter makes adorable rain boots!
Superb quality and super cute!
They make them in both kid and adult sizes so these would be prefect if you wanted to stroll around in a matching set. And ( cough cough) they even make them for men so watch out daddy... 

I dont know about you, but this sure does help me feel better about a rainy forecast. 

Vintage Pop Art Superhero Party theme from Andersruff!!!

This Andersruff party theme is hands down one of the best I have seen!!
So, so creative! 
It was designed for the son of the amazingly talented Maureen, from the Anders Ruff team. 
I love all of the pop art and bright colors....Every last detail is truly a work of art.
You can find all of the party printables you need for this awesome party by visiting their etsy shop!

Check out all of the gorgeous party details below, captured by the talented Becca Bond Photography!
I am in awe...

For many of the party items featured in this post see the links below!

Be sure to stop by the Andersruff blog to check out their full collection of party ideas!! 

Lets talk Chalk Boards...

Ok, so lets take a minute to look at all of the fabulous things that can be done with chalk boards. 
First, they look brilliant in just about any room, and second they are fun for the entire family!
I love this wonderful design concept from Pottery Barn.
So lovely!

You can even have a playroom with chalk board walls. Hows that for child proof?
I love this idea from ohdeedoh.
It adds such a playful feel to the room.

 I also found tons of fabulous chalk board items on Etsy.

One of my favorites is the Vinyl Chalkboard Shop! They have a wide variety of items, from chalk board wall decals to labels and tags.

How about an adorable framed chalk board from Shuga Bee Lane. Perfect for any room in the house!
Plus, it is magnetized so you can stick photos or notes to it with decorative magnets.

Check out this vintage green 'small and chunky' chalk board from funkie finds.
Isn't this just darling?!?

Moral of the story is...
I LOVE chalk boards and I think you will too :)

Party Inspiration: Vintage yellow Easter party!

Here is a fresh and simple take on an Easter party.
I love the idea of a soft, simple, mellow yellow Easter theme! 
It is such a lovely color. 
Here are a few ideas on how to get this adorable yet, sophisticated vintage party theme into full swing!

Make sure to include some traditional Easter candy into your party.
Here are some adorable homemade peeps from Bake me Pretty!
They would make excellent favors. 

Also you can fill jars with Candy such as jelly beans or rock candy.
Here is an example from Real Simple.

So many great things you could do with this party idea...
This should get you off to a good start!

Happy Planning! 

Lovely Headbands: Sweet Violet Kisses

If you are looking for something sweet, yet simple for your baby girl to wear for photo shoot, check out  Sweet Violet Kisses on Etsy. 
Headbands, hats, or diaper covers are a must for baby photo props... 
It really helps to add that something special to the photograph, without taking away from the subject. 
These headbands are a must have, and they are all fully handcrafted and customizable. 

She also has a little something for older children. Isn't this beautiful?? 
I think I need one in my size!

 Also...While we are on the subject of pretty things, I would like to take a second to introduce you to the wonderfully talented Christie Hobson  who took all these wonderful images.
Careful: Her blog will give you some serious baby fever :)
 Head on over to  and check her out for a daily does of photography inspiration! 

Happy Monday! 

Room inspiration:Shop Salt and Paper with 20% off Coupon

Ok so 'printables' (buying a file and then printing it yourself)  are becoming more and more popular these days, right?
Well, thats because its a great way to feel like you created something without 
having to do too much work! 
This is what the Salt and Paper website is all about.
It is so easy! You purchase a file and receive it via email, you take the file to Kinkos or anywhere else that prints,  and just like that, you have wonderful wall art ready to be framed at half the cost of buying a pre framed print.  Isn't this a wonderful concept? 
I love it! 
Check out some of the delightful print options below.
Some of these prints have multiple color choices which make them a versatile component in any child's room.  

She also has printable folded cards, stationary, and even recipe cards that are so easy to create!
Head on over to Salt and Paper and get your print on... You know you want to :) 

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